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Gitlab Bulk Checkout Tool

Simple utitlity written in Python for the local repositories. In a Time of SaaS, Isac and microservices, it can happen that you need many small repositories at your local Machine for Development, so it didn`t make fun to pull so many repositories.


  • sort gitlab grops to fs folder
  • append a prefix to the repos
  • pull changes from origin

Using Tox Build Script

source ~/development/lib/virtualenv/tox/bin/activate

The tox script create a installable dist under ./.tox/dist/*.tar.gz


For easy usage, the tool can be wrapped with docker, so you don`t need a local python env for using.


docker build -t nolte/gitlab-bulkcheckout .

ssh agent


docker run -it \
  --user=${UID}:$(id -g $(whoami)) \
  -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh-agent \
  -e SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/ssh-agent \
  -e GROUPS_MAPPINGS=/app/gitlab_groupMapping.yml \
  -e GITLAB_TOKEN=$(pass /internet/ \
  -e PROJECTS_BASE=/tmp/bulkcheckout \
  -w /tmp/bulkcheckout \
  -v /tmp/bulkcheckout:/tmp/bulkcheckout \
  -v ${HOME}/.ssh:/home/builder/.ssh:ro \
  -v ${PWD}/gitlab_groupMapping.yml:/app/gitlab_groupMapping.yml:ro \
  nolte/gitlab-bulkcheckout -v checkoutbulk

Gitlab Bulk Checkout Tool

Getting Started

Top-level package for project manager.

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